An Innovative & Intelligent Appointment Booking Platform Designed to Improve Your Business

Free your staff to do their job!
Let your customers make appointments anytime, anyway, without your staff answering the phone.
Never miss an appointment again.

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A Comprehensive Suite of Appointment Booking Tools

Your customers can make appointments using;

Online Appointment Booking Form

Appointment times are requested by your customers using an online booking form. Availability is immediately checked and confirmed with the customer to make the appointment.

 Intelligent Natural Language Voice Response

Unanswered customer calls are directed to our Intelligent Natural Voice platform. Appointment information is taken from the customer using natural language. Availability is checked and the customer appointment is immediately confirmed.

QR code Appointments and Wait List

QR codes allow you to add booking instructions to buinsess cards and other marketing material. QR codes placed in shop windows allow the customer to scan for the next available appointment, make and confirm an appointment.

In-Store Booking

Your staff have access to an intelligent and efficient booking form that removes the complexity of searcing for availability in staff calendars. The booking process is faster and easier for your staff . They can quickly finish the booking and return to their usual job.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Integrate with our Facebook Messenger Bot. Customers browsing your Facebook page will be able to communicate with our intelligent booking bot through messenger and query availability and make appointments.

Website Bot

Install  our Booking Bot on your own website. Customers browsing your site will be able to communicate with our intelligent booking bot to query availability and make appointments.

Voicemail to Email

Sometimes your cusotmers will call with questions. When you cannot answer the phone we will record the customer message and almost immediately email it with a full speech to text transcript, helping your staff to understand and even translate the call into their native language.

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